Why SBConsult?


Entrust your projects to our permanent team of project managers.



Your projects are carried out by carefully selected students. You then benefit from the skills of future engineers.

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The oldest association-company specializing in Biotech.



The quality of the students’ work is constantly checked by our project managers, then by our quality department.


Examples of projects

  • Bibliographic search

    In order to extend the company’s technical knowledge, SBConsult can entrust a student with a targeted bibliographic research mission.

  • Technological state of the art

    Analysis of the antecedent in the world scientific bibliography within the framework of a state of the art research.

  • Market knowledge

    Market study, competitive study, product positioning study, product launch assistance, marketing plans.

  • Scientific and technological monitoring

    SBConsult offers a business monitoring service to report on the state of the techniques and products on the market.

  • Scientific expertise

    Other missions (research, marketing, etc.) using the students’ in-depth knowledge in the fields of health, cosmetics, the environment, etc.

  • Translation

    Our students translate and popularize documents that may have strong scientific and technical content.

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